Container Shipping Sea Freight Nigeria

We are one of the leading shipping service providers in Nigeria. We have over 50 years of experience in shipping containers in Nigeria from the United States of America. Our Container ship in Nigerium has the capability to carry commercial goods and all bulky items.

We follow a reliable method of shipment and have numerous shipping lines that depart from all leading ports in the US. If you would like to ship your goods from here to anywhere, we offer the best option services for you to the container shipping.

We are the leading providers of international shipping container and offer the cheapest prices in Nigeria. Once you book our container shipping service, we are ready to offer a detailed description of the contents, the type of container you want and the destination.

We also provide you the best container ship sea freight Lagos for the international shipment at modest prices. Our prices are inclusive of all shipping costs from the United Kingdom airport in Nigeria including custom clearance.

If you would like to book the shipping container with us, you just contact us with the type of shipping container that you want. We can ship the container to your address and load with your personal items.

We offer a special deal of 3 hours free loading for you and if you need an extra time to load it, please let us know about your needs. When you plan to ship a container to Nigeria, you just look us to help your business expand.